recent things i did

2020 Oct: founded my own company, Pineapple AF 🍍✨
2020 Aug: engineered & released the Paperspace Terraform Provider, for anyone to treat infrastructure as code on Paperspace Cloud
2020 Aug: engineered & released Managed Gradient Clusters, a 1-click end-to-end Machine Learning platform on Paperspace Cloud
2020 Jan:
2019 Oct:
2019 Oct: debuted & demo'ed a Deep Fake App in a Gradient Community Notebook,
live at AI DevWorld on Oct 10, 2019 in San Jose, California
2019 Oct-May: product managed & released Gradient Community Notebooks,
allowing anyone to do machine learning for free.
check it out on product hunt: Gradient Community Notebooks - Jupyter notebooks you can run on free cloud GPUs | Product Hunt Embed

films i directed

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